viernes, 1 de junio de 2007

Mensaje de una Leona - Década del ' 50 -, y de otras criaturas.

Wonderful Lioness : Little Tyke

"At four years old, the mature African Lioness weighed 352 pounds.
Her body stretched 10 feet 4 inches long and could run 40 miles per hour.
Her skull, highly adapted to killing and eating prey, possessed short powerful jaws.
Normally, African Lions eat Gnus, Zebras, Gazelles, Impalas, and Giraffes. This particular big Cat, in her prime and perfect health, chose a more gentle way of life".
"After having been seriously hurt by her own mother, this Lioness was taken to
the Westbeaus Hidden Valley Ranch in California and there she joined the menagerie of other animals including Horses, cattle, and Chickens.
Curious Peacocks lined the housetop, Kittens peered through a picket fence, and two Terriers danced with joy for the new addition to the household.
Drinking bottles of warm milk,
Little Tyke began the long road to recovery".
Right since then, the Lioness called Little Tyke became a symbol of peace,
religious concepts and even a spiritually elevated way of life.
Besides of represent with her best of friends Becky,
the Lamb, the Isaiah’s prophecy of 'The Lion lying with the Lamb', this Lioness not only lived more than four years without eating a single piece of meat:
she absolutely refused to accept it.
And she was not alone… Another Lioness
did the same in India twenty years before, and yet another in a country apparently much less filled of mysticism: Italy.
At least one Dog spent her life eating only vegetables, and in a Confucius fraternity, a Tiger was given the same food that Goats and some birds would eat, and with which he thrived.
... Así, todos estos seres vinieron a hablarnos, a su modo, de un mundo que sólo teníamos en la memoria y en la imaginación.

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