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"¿En qué mundo vivís? (3)"

Queremos Amamantar Ratas y Ratoncitos
(Fdo., las Gatas)

"Desde el principio de los Tiempos,
esto nos fue encomendado"
1938 - Cat Adopts Rat:Johnnie, a baby Muskrat, was discovered by Fred S. Parmaiee, who was plowing a corn field. At first the Parmalee family fed Johnnie with a spoon. One morning they found the house Cat nursing Johnnie along with her own four tiny, day-old Kittens. She has mothered him ever since.

Cass City Chronicles

Mother Thelma - Around 1950 (The Cat in photos)
Canadian Press - July 15, 2003 05:15 PMCRANBROOK, Canada
A family awoke Tuesday to find their Cat nursing two Mice along with her seven week-old Kittens.
Irene Weller said one of her daughters found some baby Mice in their home the day before.
"I didn't want Mice in the house". Weller said. So the baby rodents were promptly thrown outside.
But on Tuesday morning, the Wellers saw their Cat Patches nursing and caring for the Mice as if they were part of her litter. She's actually feeding the Mice.
Patches was upset they weren't in the bed. All she wanted to do was lick them.
"When we put them back in the bed Patches calmed right down


Mother Squirrel - 2003 ( Animal Liberation Front )

Working in Class 15, 2005 - May 10, 2004: Cat gets maternal with Rats"A female Cat in Changchun, Jilin Province, shows maternal love to Rats when she breastfeeds both her own Kittens and six baby Rats at the same time.
A woman has a female Cat, which recently delivered four Kittens. One of her friends later gave her six baby Rats, so that the Cat could eat them during the breastfeeding time.

However, to the surprise of all, the mother feeds them too.

China Pets - 2006: Mimi Is The Mother Of Four Kittens And A Rat From China.
It was one of two Rat babies that her owner brought for her, few days after Mimi gave birth.
Surprisingly, Mimi cleaned them up by licking. The two Rat babies haven't opened their eyes at that time; they crawled over to Mimi, found her nipples and started drinking milk.
One of her Rats passed away in an accident. However, Mimi's still breastfeeding the remaining Rat and Kittens everyday.

A Cat has adopted a Mouse in Shijiazhuang.
The Cat brought the Mouse to her residence in a market one day after she gave birth to her Kittens. She dotes upon the Mouse as if it is one of her own offspring, and if separated from each other, the Cat will show distress and search for her baby.

Mama Cat nurses baby Mice - 13 May 2007: A mother Cat in the Turkish city of Zonguldak shocked her owners recently with her adopted family, a group of baby Mice she feeds alongside her own Kittens. Placed in a shed to catch Mice, the Cat, who had just given birth, began nursing and caring for the baby Mice who now sleep and play with their feline siblings.

Mother From Cagliari – 2007 (Flickr)

I Knew We Were Made For This...

...Así que, de todos modos,
las Gatas quieren ser madres
de Ratas y de Ratoncitos.

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"En qué mundo vivís? (2)"

Segunda serie de sugerencias en las cuales buscar alguna respuesta.

2002 - Deer Fawn And Tiger Cubs Become Best Pals
Two Tiger cubs born in captivity at a Romanian Zoo have adopted a Deer Fawn as their play partner. Keepers at the Zoo in Craiova say the three animals are always together and become agressive if separated.

They were concerned at first that the Tigers would eat the Deer, but decided to allow them to stay together after keeping a close eye on the trio. Spokesman Ian Cojocaru said: "One day the two Tiger cubs got into the Deer's enclosure and we panicked about what was going to happen. But the Tigers and the Deer were very curious to each other and even started to play".
"When we wanted to separate them we created such an scandal. The Tigers were roaring and the Fawn was beating the cage's gate. We had to allow them stay together".

2003 -Times of India
In a rare case of predator-prey friendship, a Leopard coming to visit a Cow at night, at Antoli village in Waghodia taluka of Vadodara district, has literally become the talk of the town.

According to honorary wildlife warden Rohit Vyas, "The Leopard has been visiting the Cow since October last year at regular intervals". "It was unbelievable, they approached each other and the fearless Cow would lick the Leopard on her head and neck".
The dogs would start barking when the Leopard came to meet the waiting Cow every night between 9.30 p.m. and l0.30p.m.

2004 - Muschi and Mouse - BERLIN (Reuters):
Muschi, a small Cat that formed an unlikely friendship with a half-ton Bear called Mouse in Berlin Zoo, has been reunited with her companion after pining outside the Bear's cage for months. Muschi has been popular with zoo visitors ever since she appeared in the Bear's enclosure three years ago. But the pair were split up last October when the Bear was locked in a cage while her living space was enlarged.
Zoo keepers took pity on the distraught Cat that had taken to roaming around the zoo and sitting outside the cage, and this week allowed her in the cage with the shaggy female Asiatic Black Bear called Maeuschen.
They greeted each other and had a cuddle and now they're happy. Muschi appeared from nowhere in 2000 and they decided to leave them together because they got on so well.
They sunbathed together and shared meals of raw meat, dead mice, fruit and bread.

2006 - Veggie Boards Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan at Zoo
Tondalayo, a 45-year-old Sumatran Orangutan, and T.J., a stray tabby Cat, became an inseparable duo after a zoo employee introduced them late last year.

Stephanie Willard, Education Director at Zoo World in Panama City Beach, said Tondalayo was depressed since losing her mate two years ago. But when the sweet-natured orange Cat wandered into Willard's life, the solution became clear.
"It's an unbelievable match", Willard said. "This has worked out a lot better than I expected it to. She's got brighter eyes now. He's brought a lot of light to her".
Zookeepers named the Cat T.K., short for "Tondalayo's Kitty". They play together, cuddle and sleep together each night. They have been together constantly for more than a month. "He's perked up Tonda more than anything".

2007 - A Wolf and a Donkey have become a tourist attraction in the town of Patok, about 25 miles north of Tirana.
Villagers, families with their children, and local and international media have flocked to Patok to see this very odd couple. The Donkey was originally put into the enclosure so the Wolf could eat him, but the Wolf would have none of the human plan and refused to kill the Donkey. Instead, he went oly to scratch his back.
The two animals have been attached at the hip ever since. "I bought the Wolf four months ago because I thought of creating a zoo... I like animals very much", the owner told reporters.
The Wolf had been caught by a mountaineer in the Northern Alps. The owner says he feeds the Wolf meat but was told that the Wolf needed a live animal to hunt. So the man offered up the little Donkey, thinking that the Wolf would attack him during the night. But the man was wrong.
Instead, the two became companions. They ate their food and drank their water together, and whenever the owner took the Donkey out of the enclosure, the Wolf would become upset. Sadly in the last days of May, the Donkey has been released into a grassy area outside.
Now the poor Wolf sits alone, still in the far corner of the enclosure, while the Donkey lives freely on the other side of the wall.

2007 - A Cat And A Mouse Have Become Unlikely Best Friends In China.
It happened after a man who owned a Cat in Jilin city was given a pet Mouse by a friend six months ago. Chen said: "On first sight of the little Mouse, the Cat was very excited and circled around the cage without stopping". After watching him for several days, Chen felt the Cat was not intimidating the Mouse so he let the Mouse out... And they instantly became friends.

"I would not have expected they could be friends, or be friends so quickly", he said. The City Evening News says the Mouse played with the Cat continually, climbing onto his back and sitting on his head, while Chen was being interviewed.

…Ojalá otros Tigres puedan jugar con un Ciervo, o algún Leopardo esté junto a otra Vaca, o que otro Lobo encuentre un Burro con quien vivir feliz, o que muchos Gatos hallen amistad en Ratas y Ratones; o junto a un Oso.

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"En qué mundo vivís? (1)"

Pregunta destinada a los que hablan de algunos sueños, o pasan la mayor parte de su tiempo soñando, como creo que es mi caso. Primera serie de sugerencias, para buscar la respuesta apropiada.

Saint Guinefort was a 13th century Dog that received local veneration as a Saint after miracles were reported at his grave. Guinefort, known to Anglophones as the Dog Gelert, belonged to a knight who lived in a castle. One day, the knight went hunting, leaving his infant in the care of Guinefort. When he returned, he found the child was nowhere to be seen and Guinefort greeted his master with bloody jaws.
Believing Guinefort to have devoured his son, the knight slew the Dog. He then heard a child crying; he turned over the cot and found his son safe and sound, along with the body of a Viper.
Guinefort had killed the Snake and saved the child. On realising the mistake the family dropped the Dog down a well, covered it with stones and planted trees around it, setting up a shrine for Guinefort.
Guinefort became recognised by locals as a Saint for the protection of infants until the 1930s.

"An Impala, trapped by a pack of Wild Dogs, was saved by a young Hippo. The Hippo blocked the Impala from swimming and then nudged the animal, pushing it to a small island. The exhausted Impala stopped, shivering uncontrollably.
Suddenly the Hippo opened its cavernous mouth to its full extent, engulfing the Impala's body. But instead of making a meal of the animal, the Hippo bathed the Impala in its warm breath for several minutes.
Soon the Impala walked away from the water's edge, followed closely by the young Hippo. The Dogs were as spellbound as us, watching their quarry and its rescuer".
A similar incident of a Hippo saving an Impala from a Crocodile was filmed in Kruger National Park.

Lions in Ethiopia
A 12-year-old girl who was abducted and beaten by men was found being guarded by three Lions who apparently had chased off her captors. The girl had been taken by seven men who wanted to force her to marry one of them, not far from Addis Ababa.
She had been guarded by the Lions for about half a day. They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.

"Just after a Leopardess kills a mother primate, she finds a live new-born on the ground. The little Baboon calls out, then puts its hands out and walks towards the young Leopard.
Legadema -Setswana word for "Light from the Sky"- pauses for a moment, then she gently picks it up in her mouth and carries the infant up a tree to keep it safe. Several times the baby falls out of the tree. Each time, Legadema races down to pick her up.
The Baboon clearly thinks of Legadema as a surrogate mother. For several hours, they nestle in the tree.
Tragically, when morning comes, the tiny Baboon no longer shows signs of life. As the Sun comes up, Legadema realises that the baby had died, and moves on".

George The Terrier
A little Jack Russell Terrier stood like a giant against two Pitbulls and gave his own life to save five kids. The tragedy unfolded when a group of children and George walked back from a trip.
Out of nowhere, the two Pitbulls lunged at them. One of the kids told that George never backed down against the Pitbulls, refusing to let the them get at his little brother.
"George tried to protect us by barking and rushing at them, but they started to bite him. We ran off crying and some people saw what was happening and rescued George". It was too late, however, to save the little 9-year-old Terrier. "George was brave", his owner said, as each of the kids held a photo of the little pup they'll never forget.
"He took them on and he's not even a foot high... He jumped in on them, he tried to keep them off".
And, he gave his life doing so.

Este, entonces, es el primer ejemplo de un mundo que no se ve sólo en las películas de Disney.

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Después de la primera serie de fotos, correspondiente a los años 2001, 2, 3, 4 y 2005, aquí va esta, donde las tres primeras son para el 2006 y las otras tres para este año. La idea es elegir una foto "Back To Eden" de cada año, desde ahora.

"Mouse, Cat, Dog = Three Ways Of Friendship"

"We're The Closest Friends"

"Hungry Only Of Love"


"Now We Wait, Then We Chase Them"

"You Make Our Friendship So Sweet..."

"This Cute Babe Has Already Draught His Mother's Milk"

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Primer Viaje al Cerro

Ahora que mandé el Post anterior hablando del Uritorco, con las cosas que ya casi todos saben bien, quería contar lo que me acuerdo de mis experiencias vividas allí.

Esto fue en la época en que nos reuníamos para los talleres de Metafísica de Lina. En cuanto me hablaron de la posibilidad de ir al Uritorco yo no hice más que esperar ese día, y cuando el día por fin llegó...
Salimos muy de noche de donde vivía Lina en ese momento, yendo todos en varios autos que se demoraron por el camino al menos en tres ciudades importantes. Hubo una cena en Cañada de Gómez, luego nos quedamos más de una hora en Rosario y después de atravesarla a lo ancho, seguimos nuestro itinerario.
Llegamos a Capilla del Monte después del mediodía para alojarnos en un pequeño hotel de la avenida Edén... (Back to Eden!); al día siguiente iríamos al Cerro.
Desde la ciudad, pasando junto a una iglesia ubicada en una cuesta, se llega al camino de un kilómetro aproximadamente, que conduce a la base del Cerro. Entonces se encuentra un mirador con una escalera a la izquierda. Luego se cruza el río por las piedras o bien por el puente del lado opuesto; detrás de la casa está el camino que lleva al Valle de los Espíritus.
A eso de las 17:00 comenzamos el ascenso, y luego de un recodo muy agudo yo hice un dibujo rápido de lo que se veía a poca altura, mirando hacia poniente.
Por la mitad del trayecto -cuando aún era de día-, desde donde estábamos se veía, perpendicular y mucho más lejos, otra parte del camino que después bordeaba el cerro.
Cerca del Valle el camino parece llegar a su fin, pero a pesar de que ya eran más de las 20:00 o 21:00 todos pudimos llegar al Valle luego de pasar o trepar por unas rocas. Más tarde hice allí otro dibujo, mostrando lo que se veía de espaldas a la "entrada" del Valle y con la Luna casi detrás de unos cerros.
Entonces empezó la tradicional serie de avistamientos... No pude ver mucho más que eso, pero ya era fascinante ver las luces atravesando la noche en línea recta, a mucha altura, apareciendo de repente y desvaneciéndose de igual modo.
Algunos además las ven subir y bajar como perdiéndose detrás de los cerros... Como si ingresaran en la ciudad etérea cuyo reflejo al otro lado de la Tierra, es Shamballah.
Otras personas parecen haber hecho contacto con los seres que viven allí o sobrevuelan la región; no sé cuánto de esto será verdad.
Luego de estar un rato durmiendo, al despertar encontré alrededor todo blanco... Era la niebla que bajaba de la cumbre, llegando a casi medio metro de altura. Ya no se veían las luces, así que exploré un poco y volví a mi carpa.
La mañana siguiente, después de regresar al hotel y quedarnos uno o dos días, fuimos hacia Córdoba para conocer la Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús, donde por un momento me llamaron la atención unas aberturas cuadradas muy pequeñas, colocadas en columnas y filas debajo de las ventanas, hasta que pude ver palomas saliendo y metiéndose en esas aberturas.
Finalmente, creo que tras la última cena provinciana tomamos la ruta 9 de vuelta a Buenos Aires.

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In the land of Pilkingturp

Mientras tengo listo el relato de mis tres viajes a Capilla del Monte, estoy mandando esto que pude escribir, para que haya algo divertido entretanto.

Long, long time ago, it's said,
that there lived a Dog called Slurp
who'd always bath everyone
in a land called Pilkingturp.

Whenever a traveler came
across dust and mud and rain,
everyone would go for Slurp...
He could wash away all stains.

One day a great King arrived
to the land called Pilkingturp,
and he brought his careless child
for he knew the fame of Slurp.

The Princess didn't want a bath
with such a long and wet tongue,
so the King burst out in wrath,
and the Dog could start his job.

It was said for many years
how long did it take to Slurp
for that girl to be well clean,
in the land of Pilkingturp.

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Back To Eden

Woman Claims Puppies Were Born To Cat
Brazilian Says Neighborhood Mutt Left The Cat Pregnant;

Tests Due Next Week

Brazilian Aline da Silva holds her Dog, named Dog, as her neighbor's Cat Mimi nurses what her owner Cassia Aparecida de Souza claims are Mimi's own offspring born with Dog traits three months after allegedly mating with Dog.

Cat Gives Birth To Mouse-Like Kitten
(CBS4 News) TUNISIA - Mar 13, 2006 3:47 pm US / Eastern

A Cat in Tunisia has given birth to something strange.
According to the owner of the Cat, the litter included 5 regular Kittens, and one that more resembles a Mouse.
The owner says the nose, mouth and ears look like that of a Mouse, but the rest of the body is that of a Cat.The mother Cat doesn't seem to notice or mind. She's nursing and taking care of it, just like the Kittens.

Cat Gives Birth To Puppy

People in China are flocking to see a pet Cat
which has reportedly given birth to a puppy.

The Cat, in Zhengzhou city, gave birth to four Kittens, one of which looks like a white Poodle.
"It looks very different from the other Kittens, and its mouth, nose, hands and feet are all dog-like", says owner Zhang Qiming.
"Also, its tail is one centimeter shorter than that of the other three Kittens".
Neighbors are pouring into Zhang's house to pay the Cat-Dog a visit, reports Zhengzhou Evening Papers.
Zhang says he has had the Cat for more than two years and she has given birth before, but never to a Dog.
"I always let her go as she pleases, to date other Cats or play outside overnight", he said.

Dog's Litter Includes Two Kittens
(China Daily) - Updated: 2006-10-17 09:01

Have you ever imagined a Dog giving birth to Kittens ? Fantastic as it may sound, one Dog in a county of Jiangxi Province found a way to make it happen.
Zen, a farmer from Hukou County, took a stray Dog home last year. Last March, the Dog gave birth to two puppies. Not long ago, the Dog became pregnant again; on Monday, she delivered two yellow-haired Kittens and one black-haired puppy.
Neighbors could hardly believe their eyes when they saw the mother nursing two newborn Kittens. So far no one can offer an explanation.


Camadas mixtas... Ante esto, mucha gente podría tener sospechas, pero algo aquí me hace creer en cada caso. La palabra clave, en la tercera historia, es "delivered".
Y consideren esto por un momento: en situaciones como esa, la madre (canina, felina, etc.,) difícilmente se dirige a algún lado, sabiendo instintivamente que ella no puede dejar a sus recién nacidos solos.
Sólo haciendo tal cosa, podría ella buscar y encontrar gatitos huérfanos (además de tener eso en mente), e incluso en este caso, ¿Dónde podría ir para encontrarlos?
Claro que si los gatitos no fueran de ella a fin de cuentas, pues, incluso entonces algún misterio quedará para dejarnos perplejos.

Y ahora podemos ver, en todo el mundo :

Madres Perras amamantando bebés Tigres, Cerditos, Mapaches, Leones, Conejos, Ardillas, Cervatillos, Gatos, Corderos, Leopardos... Una que le dio su leche a un Ave (visto en "Videos Asombrosos" de APL); otra a un bebé Mono, y por supuesto, muchas otras a niños abandonados.
Cerdas amamantando Tigres recién nacidos, como en un Zoológico de Tailandia, y Perritos.
Una Tigresa dándole a seis Cerditos su propia leche, en ese mismo Zoológico Tailandés.
Vacas amamantando Cerditos (de granja) o a uno salvaje; una, a un Mapache; una que encontró amor en una pequeña Leopardo que tenía por ella el mismo sentimiento; y una dando su leche a un niño en la India.
Dos pequeños Tigres y un Cervatillo que no querían permanecer separados, sino en la misma jaula de un Zoológico ; una pequeña Leopardo en Italia que seguramente todavía no desea otra cosa que estar junto a una Antílope de su misma edad.
Una Osa dando de mamar a un Perrito; otra que amamantó a un niño por dos o tres días, y este último caso hace unos pocos años.
Leonas que mostraron en algunos casos un deseo muy evidente de comer únicamente hierba, arroz, vegetales o frutas, tal como hizo un Tigre, y también muchos Gatos y Perros; aquí, por cierto, no podemos olvidar a Kamuniak, si bien por otros motivos.
Madres Gatas dando su leche a Perritos, Conejos, Zorrinitos, Mapaches, Lobeznos, Ardillas, Zorros... Al menos una que amamantó a dos Ratones recién nacidos; otra crió una Rata de igual modo. Y algunas Gatas (también Gatos) están cuidando Pollitos y otras Aves, mientras que muchos -es decir, más y más cada día-, tienen a Hurones, Ratas y Ratones por amigos y hasta buscan serlo.
¿Entonces hacia dónde estamos yendo, realmente?

…"Back to Eden", diría yo.

viernes, 8 de junio de 2007

Ginny, an Angel amongst us and to many Cats

The Dog Who Rescued Cats :
Ginny Has Saved More Than 300 Needy Cats And One Special Human

Vegetarian Times, March, 1997 by Catherine Censor Shemo

The year was 1990, and Philip Gonzalez was optimistic about his prospects. The 40-year-old Vietnam veteran was earning a good having as a seam fitter. Weekdays he would commute to his construction job in Manhattan and return home to his one-bedroom apartment on Long Island for a simple vegetarian dinner. He traveled, played sports and indulged his taste in good clothes and gold jewelry. Philip might have enjoyed such modest pleasures for years to come, but a terrible accident swept it all away.
“I was putting some tools away when a big machine that cuts and threads pipe caught my right arm by the coat sleeve”, he recalls. He struggled to free himself but was swept up by the rotating machine as it mangled his arm, dashing his head against the concrete floor repeatedly as it spun. He’s thankful that he was unconscious through most of the ordeal.
Philip narrowly escaped amputation, but his right arm - his good arm - was all but useless. He also endured serious trauma and the cumulative injuries left him permanently disabled, unable to work and so broken in spirit that he refused to leave his apartment. A concerned neighbor, Sheilah Harris, hit upon an idea to restore his hope : an animal companion.
Together, Sheilah and Philip went to their local animal shelter. “I wanted a big Dog”, says Philip, “a Rottweiller or a Doberman, but the shelter didn’t have any Dogs on the adoption floor that I liked”. They were about to go when the attendant said he had two more Dogs in the back recovering from being spayed … One of them a Doberman. Philip went to the cage, and although he had his eye on the Doberman, a strange, Shepherd-sized scruffy Dog came right up to the bars and started to lick his hand. Philip wasn’t interested, but Sheilah implored him to take the Dog for a walk around the block. To appease her, Philip agreed. By the time they returned, Philip was ready to fill out the adoption papers.
The shelter attendant told Philip that the Dog, a mix of Siberian Husky and Schnauzer, had been found locked with her three pups in the closet of an abandoned apartment. She had been left without food or water. Her hair had fallen out from malnutrition and she was badly dehydrated but when found, she was still guarding her pups with her last bit of strength. Moved by the story, Philip looked down at the Dog to see her body wiggling with excitement and her tail wagging furiously. Despite all she’d been through, she was full of love and enthusiasm. Philip realized that as much as he thought he had to offer this Dog, the Dog had just as much to offer him. He promptly named the Dog Ginny after the Barbie-like dolls Sheilah collected and brought her home, her nose tucked under his chin for the duration of the ride.

Three Days after Ginny’s homecoming, Philip walked her by a vacant lot. Ginny saw a Cat and ran after it, her leash slipping from Philip’s hand. Ginny shot toward the Cat as Philip looked on helplessly, fearful that the two would fight. To his amazement, Ginny started licking and grooming the Cat. The Cat was purring and rubbing against Ginny so Philip let them nuzzle for about an hour before tearing the reluctant Ginny away.
As soon as they got back to the apartment, Ginny started whining to go back to the vacant lot. This time, Philip thought to grab a can of Dog food to feed the Cat. The Cat gobbled it gratefully and played with Ginny, even riding on her back for a gallop around the lot. Philip returned every day to feed the stray but soon the “stray” turned into “strays”.
“There must have been 50 Cats”, Philip laughs, “and Ginny wanted to play with all of them”. Whenever Philip walked Ginny, all the Cats would come out of their hiding places and walk alongside her. A passerby who witnessed the spectacle called out to Philip, “What are you, the pied piper of Long Island ? Why are all those Cats following you ?” In answer, Philip dropped the leash, letting Ginny veer off in another direction. The Cats followed Ginny leaving Philip standing alone.
After the experience with the Cats at the vacant lot, Philip figured that Ginny might want a Cat of her own. The two headed down to the shelter where Philip assumed they would spend a couple of hours choosing among the shelter’s 80-odd Cats. Once again, Ginny proved to have a mind of her own. As soon as she was led to the Cat adoption area, Ginny made a bee-line for a cage holding a white Kitten. She whined and paced in front of the cage, begging for the Cat. Philip didn’t see anything special about the Kitten but he adopted it. Two days later he learned that there was something special about the Kitten Ginny chose : She was deaf.
Philip didn’t know it, but Ginny would not be satisfied with one Cat. A week later, Ginny accompanied Philip as he carried a donation of Cat and Dog treats to the shelter. Again, Ginny came to a halt in front of a Cat cage. She went into her begging routine. The object of Ginny’s excitement ? A Cat with one eye. Philip shrugged and took it home. At a routine vet appointment, Ginny caught sight of a Cat with a rope around her neck. The vet was going to put the Cat to sleep because she had lost her feet to frostbite and because she was a wild, hissing Cat who stood no chance of adoption. Philip was determined not to take the Cat, but Ginny insisted. They took her home.
According to Philip Gonzalez, Ginny had a special gift for rescuing Cats in need : “a radar of the heart” as he called it.
Ginny included Philip and Sheilah, their neighbor, in her important work and together they had provided a good home for numerous Cats, rescued and found homes for many others and fed the large population of stray Cats in their area twice daily. Many of the Cats were caught, vaccinated, neutered and put up for adoption. Those who were not adopted were returned to the streets where they were fed and visited by Ginny, Philip and Sheilah.
Two of Ginny’s many incredible rescues included Betty Boop and Topsy. Ginny discovered Betty Boop at her veterinary hospital. The gray-and-white Cat had been found in the street by some children who brought the Cat to the veterinarian. When Ginny noticed the Cat she began making the noises she makes when she wants Philip to adopt a particular Cat, most of whom physically challenged, sick or hurt. This Cat had only her arms and only half a tail. Philip adopted the Cat whom he named Betty Boop.
Topsy was dramatically rescued by Ginny at a construction site where she rescued the young Kitten from an air-conditioning duct. There were several mother Cats with their litters at this location, but Ginny carried the only Kitten who was not healthy to Philip and Sheilah. The six-week-old Kitten had a brain disorder, and would never be able to walk or stand. Philip and Ginny welcomed Topsy into their home. Topsy got around by rolling and even rolled herself into the litter box !

300 Cats To Attend Funeral For New York Dog
Chicago Sun-Times, Nov 14, 2005

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- This will probably be the first time a Dog’s memorial service is attended by 300 Cats.
A Schnauzer-Siberian Husky mix named Ginny will be eulogized Nov. 19 at the Westchester Cat Show, where she was named Cat of the Year in 1998 for her uncanny skill and bravery in finding and rescuing endangered felines. She died in August at age 17.
Ginny once threw herself against a vertical pipe at a construction site to topple it and reveal the Kittens trapped inside. Another time she ignored the cuts on her hands and feet as she dug through a box of broken glass to find an injured Cat inside.
Her owner, Philip Gonzalez of Long Beach, said Thursday that he has tried to train other Dogs to rescue Cats like Ginny, but “They just didn’t have it”.
“I didn’t train her”, he said. “Ginny was just magical in a way. I adopted her from a shelter, and they said she’s never been with Cats before. But she just had this knack of knowing when a Cat was in trouble”.
As he used to do with Ginny, Gonzalez still goes out every night to feed stray Cats in the area. The Cats seem to miss Ginny, too, he said.
“They want nothing to do with my other Dogs”, he said.

...Dos partes de una historia que muchos nunca olvidarán

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2007

"Cabeza Y Cola De Un Dragón… Luchando Entre Sí"

En la parte de la cabeza… Dog Adopts Tiger Triplets

A Chinese Dog has become the surrogate mother of Tiger triplets born at a zoo in the country's eastern Shandong province. The mongrel bitch called Huani is suckling the Tiger cubs, imaginatively named One, Two and Three by staff at Jinan Paomaling Wild Animal World, because their mother rejected them shortly after birth 10 days ago.
The zoo manager, Chen Yucai, said Huani is expected to nurse the Tigers for about a month, or until their appetites outpace her milk supply. Mr Yucai said it was common for Chinese zoos to use Dogs as surrogate mothers for rejected Tiger cubs.
Zoo staff have previously put Dog urine on the fur of rejected cubs to make the surrogate think she is nursing her own pups. However, this time the zoo did not need to because Huani, who has nursed Tigers before, did not seem to mind caring for the cubs.
"The family is getting along well and seems to enjoy each other", Mr Yucai said.
A spokeswoman for London Zoo said staff tries to match an abandoned animal with a mother of the same species with young of a similar age wherever possible.
In the 1990s, an Asiatic Lion at the zoo abandoned her cub and staff successfully placed it with another Lion that had given birth to two cubs. The spokeswoman said the cub was placed in the surrogate mother's litter so it would acquire her smell and be accepted by her. Although the cub was initially reluctant to take on the new mother, the ‘adoption’ proved successful.
If a mother of the same species cannot be found, staff at London Zoo will try to find a companion animal for the abandoned young. Staff once placed an abandoned Tiger cub called Harry with an Akita hound, which he lived with for about nine months. The spokeswoman said it was preferable for the abandoned cub to imprint -the process by which an animal learns the characteristics of its parents- on a four-legged animal rather than a human being.

En la parte de la cola... China Criticised For 'Tiger Wine'
A recent poll declared the Tiger the world's most popular animal China has come under fire for allowing Tigers to be bred for the production of so-called “tiger bone wine”. The drink is reportedly made by steeping Tiger carcasses in rice wine. Those who drink the wine believe it makes them strong. Chinese delegates at the International Tiger Symposium in Nepal are arguing for the lifting of a current ban on the trade in Tiger bones and skins.
But other Asian nations with threatened Tiger populations want the ban to stay. Emotive issue There has been a forceful exchange of views on the issue at the symposium, according to the BBC correspondent in Kathmandu, Charles Haviland.
Experts say there are several reasons why Tiger numbers have drastically declined, but just one has grabbed the limelight, our correspondent says. The argument centres on the existence of so-called "Tiger Farms" in China, which have bred thousands of captive Tigers with the ostensible purpose of entertaining visitors.
But the conservation group WWF, which is chairing the symposium, says these farms are fronts for the production of Tiger bone wine.
WWF also says the captive Tigers cannot survive in the wild, and believes the production of wine and underhand trade in skin and bones also threaten to make wild Tiger poaching more lucrative. A senior WWF official said the discussions were heated, with Chinese academics saying their country should lift its ban on the trade in Tiger parts. But experts from states like Nepal and Bangladesh, which have threatened tiger populations, are urging that the ban should remain.
On Wednesday, a more formal forum of government delegations will begin discussing the fate of the majestic beast, which a recent television poll declared to be the world's most popular animal.

Esta es la situación dual del combate del Dragón contra sí mismo. Entonces, qué parte ganará ?

lunes, 4 de junio de 2007

Primer post relacionado con leyendas

Ejemplos de Leyenda Originaria (de las que cuentan el inicio o la creación de algo).
Millares de veces la noche cayó
Y otras tantas, el Sol despertó;
Las sequías y las lluvias
Pasaron como el viento,
Y muchas veces la tierra
Renovó su verde piel;
Pero los palmares aún
Su nacimiento recuerdan.

¿Puedes ver las nubes
Que se entremezclan
Y agolpan en el cielo?
Deseas que el viento
El algodón remueva
Con su guadaña,
Del campo gris plomizo,
Pero ves que ya cubre todo el cielo.

Y la tormenta se desencadena;
Gris sobre verde,
Y lluvia sobre lluvia.
De tus manos nace un barco...
Madera muerta,
Con promesa de vida;
Madera firme, que vuela sobre el agua.

Hermana Vochi,
Mis ojos ven la tierra
Surgiendo del mortuorio manto de agua.
Hermana Vochi,
Tu corazón alegra,
Pues nuestra nave ha vencido la tormenta.

Fueron diestras tus manos,
Y tus pies,
Cual raíces en tu barco.
Como rama en la lluvia;
Como rama del árbol que fue navío.

Hermana Vochi,
Llegamos a la orilla
Donde tus manos
Han de rehacer el mundo.
Hermana Vochi,
Entrego aquí a mis hijas,
Como quien da por los demás su vida.

Son pequeñas mis manos,
Pero están llenas
De vida y de latidos.
Con tu gran sacrificio,
Harás que por siempre tus hijas perduren.

La lluvia entretanto, cayendo siguió;
Los pies de las hijas
En raíces transformó.
Y al comenzar a beber la esencia de la tierra
Sintieron en las venas su eterna y enorme fuerza…
Y en palmas se convirtieron;
Vida en lluvia y en sequía.

Esta leyenda venezolana remite, por supuesto, a la propia historia del Diluvio Universal ( aunque aun así habla de un origen ), en la versión de algunas tribus del interior del país. En cuanto a la que se ve a continuación, si bien fue creada por mí, también cuenta sobre una cosmogonía.

_____________________ Lullaby

Well, once upon a time there was the Moon
lost in an ocean cold and dark...
Slaved, in the kingdom of the Sun,
from timeless days, always so far
in a starless darkened sky...
Held back like a priceless gem,
far from both desire and dream.

Now once upon a time there came a Wolf
from unknown roads and seas of sand...
Slaved to His hunger and His land,
yet taking our fate under His feet.
His giant's size which conquered
the distance, and His coat of ancient winters,
wouldn’t change, through the eternal daylight.

From the cold of the world He parted
across paths and roads in fire,
with steps always going northwards…
And in that northern barren land,
always hurted by the Sun,
He tore all the lands apart,
and soon the waters ran there.

The seas became a dark grey rain
and under rain there grew the green,
changing all sadness into hope…
The Sun had His kingdom lost
under the living ground of clouds,
and the Moon glowered through skies
all over the dark new Earth.

And there, in the primal night,
like a grey cloud on the wind,
He went on until He saw Her
like a pearl of the big deep,
and then in the highest peak,
where Her desire longed to be,
His voice intoned a lullaby so sweet.

Oh, beautiful Moon, never stop shining,
I wouldn't stand a night in darkness,
now I need so much your guiding,
because for you, I left behind my Pride
with no desire, but making you my bride…
And side by side, for ever we to stay,
Moon and Wolf, in love by night and day.

The love of His made Him arise
up to the bright and longed white gem.
The love of Hers wanted and had
all of what was good in Him,
the tenderness He had for Her…
And the love they gave each other
filled the sky with snowy star fields.

May all what lives high above us
be living now down among us.
Such was the Wolf's first commandment
sent like an arrow to Heavens…
May Eridanus, along with rains,
form the big and running rivers
dividing like boughs in blossom.

May Aquila, along with winds,
create all that's born with wings…
That Taurus, hand in hand with grounds,
make creatures to walk around
in empty fields which now abound,
and that Pisces, with the waters,
fill the Seas with warmth of mothers.

Thus He spoke, and then He saw
That all He wanted was done
and every command obeyed…
As the third day was born there,
all over the newborn Earth,
the giant Wolf went back to sleep
in His land, dreams long and deep.

When ten days had passed by,
He watched the defeated Sun
who'd gave him an endless day
with little shadows of night
and wishing His death to come...
Now He had the little smooth light
and a dream in every Moon bright.

domingo, 3 de junio de 2007

Datos tal vez aún no conocidos por todos, de Erks

ERKS PUEDE SER VISTA Y VISITADA !!! En la sierra del Pajarillo, ladera norte del del Cerro Uritorco, por la acción del tiempo se acumularon distintos sedimentos que formaron extrañas formas en sus piedras y esta razón podemos encontrar distintas figuras relacionadas a los seres humanos, tales como obeliscos y hasta la silueta difusa de una ciudad perdida. Cientos de personas dicen haber ingresado mental o físicamente a esta ciudad, a la que describen como enorme y espaciosa, cruzada por canales secos por donde transitan naves de luminosas y etéreas, en el centro de la ciudad se encuentra el Templo de la Esfera o de los Tres Espejos, en estos espejos, los habitantes de Erks intercambian datos cósmicos. De tantos estudios que se han realizado, muchos estudiosos del tema afirman que se trata de una ciudad que sirve fundamentalmente para concretar una comunicación cósmica y contribuye al intercambio de sabiduría ; por estas razones, la zona es considerada única en el planeta tierra ya que sería el primer epicentro energético cósmico comunicacional. ERKS significa Encuentro de remanentes cósmicos siderales. ALGUNAS HIPOTESIS Hay cientos de hipótesis tratando de explicar la razón de los fenómenos respecto de la ciudad ERKS y un "Bastón de Mando" o "Bastón del Mando". Se habló de que la estructura interna del cerro Uritorco, Cerro Macho o Cerro de los Loros, por contener elementos naturales ( pirita, azufre y otros similares ) , es una fuente de abastecimiento extraterrestre, lo que llevó a pensar que la base de la montaña, en su interior, es una gran base construida por seres de otro planeta. Existen pruebas de que en la década del 30, en las cercanías del cerro Uritorco fue encontrado un elemento con forma de bastón. Este bastón es de piedra y recibió el nombre de "Bastón de Mando" o "Piedra que Habla". La leyenda de este bastón se remonta, según los investigadores, a unos 8000 años. Un jefe indio cacique llamado Voltán, de la tribu de los Comechingones, lo mandó a construir, y en éste reside la gran sabiduría de la humanidad toda. Algunas mitologías muy antiguas de la India, Afganistán, Persia, Pamir y el Tíbet, extrañamente hablaban de este hecho hace 7 u 8 mil años. Tales leyendas tomarían realismo en el siglo 12 con la aparición en Germania de un caballero que desempañaba tareas en la corte Real Inglesa del Rey Arctor. Aparentemente, este hombre llamado Parsifal sería ingresado en la Orden de los Caballeros Templarios. Esta orden llena de hermetismo, tendría a su cargo, la custodia de los elementos sagrados que rodearon a Cristo Jesús. Otras afirmaciones cuentan que el bastón llegó a esta zona de la mano de un caballero llamado Persifal, y trajo además una cruz de un templo y los depositó en las montañas denominadas de Viaravá, en las llamadas Sierras Chicas de Córdoba. La leyenda está sostenida por un relato épico con escasa credibilidad histórica, pero en este caso, la existencia de una serie de textos aportan a este enigma un carácter de realismo, involucrando a las tierras de Argentina y fundamentalmente a Córdoba. Una de estas culturas indígenas fue llamada Ampajango, con mas de 10.000 años de antigüedad. EL COMIENZO Antes de la conquista de América, que concluyó con la muerte de casi todos los aborígenes y el robo de sus pertenencias, el cerro Uritorco era considerado sagrado por los indígenas de la época. La tradición oral que llega a nosotros a través de las creencias populares de los ancianos lugareños, nos dice que estas tribus contemplaban extasiados las luces o entidades cósmicas que surcaban los cielos, atribuyendo este fenómeno a los espíritus de los muertos milenarios que emergían de sus tumbas; cuanto más grande era la luz, mayor energía demostraba tener el espíritu visitante. Los grupos aborígenes consideraron al cerro Uritorco un centro de convocatoria energético y religioso donde tuvieron lugar los rituales de acuerdo a sus calendarios, como la mayoría de las civilizaciones indígenas de todo el continente Americano. En cuanto a los indígenas de la zona, en este punto destacamos que realizaban bailes tomados de las manos y entonaban cantos llamados mantras ( cantos especiales para llamar a entidades astrales ). De acuerdo a estudios de expertos se puede determinar que los morteros que están en diferentes zonas cercanas al Uritorco, fabricados por los indígenas, eran empleados en rituales mágicos y sagrados, y con el uso de estos pozos en las piedras podían ver diferentes constelaciones. Se ha determinado que en la parte inferior de los morteros estaba representado el cosmos con sus campos de fuerza. De acuerdo a la historia narrativa, es posible afirmar que los indígenas de esas zonas podían ver hombres que caminaban, algunos sin tocar el suelo, por la sierras y desaparecer de forma imprevista ; seres que tal vez venían de la profundidad del planeta o de planetas vecinos. Es más aceptada la versión que estos entes divinos provenían del interior la tierra, tal vez desde una población intraterrena llamada ERKS. ACERCA DEL BASTON De acuerdo a datos encontrados en la Red, en 1948, el arqueólogo alemán Jorge Von Hauenschild, estudioso de la tradición del Grial y el Bastón de Mando, examinó meticulosamente la pieza concluyendo que : El pulido es característico del período neolítico por lo cual se calcula su antigüedad en 8.000 años AC. El bastón tiene una longitud de 1,10 m., está trabajado de forma cónica, con 4 centímetros en su parte más ancha en la base. El peso total es de cuatro kilos. Por estudios realizados con detectores electromagnéticos y espectrales, se comprobó que el mismo genera intensos campos electromagnéticos de origen desconocido. Se supone que estos campos podrían generar en alguien con ciertas condiciones energéticas específicas, una "conexión" metafísica con otras realidades o conocimientos extras. Otros opinan que este bastón es la "llave" para ingresar al Santo Grial, que no sería otra cosa más que un camino al conocimiento supremo y al cual se accederá únicamente teniendo el "Bastón de Mando". "Únicamente es necesario tener fe para ver lo que otros no pueden apreciar y poseer un tacto espiritual para tocar lo que otros no pueden palpar". "erks"¿realidad O Ficcion? Reseña

viernes, 1 de junio de 2007

Mensaje de una Leona - Década del ' 50 -, y de otras criaturas.

Wonderful Lioness : Little Tyke

"At four years old, the mature African Lioness weighed 352 pounds.
Her body stretched 10 feet 4 inches long and could run 40 miles per hour.
Her skull, highly adapted to killing and eating prey, possessed short powerful jaws.
Normally, African Lions eat Gnus, Zebras, Gazelles, Impalas, and Giraffes. This particular big Cat, in her prime and perfect health, chose a more gentle way of life".
"After having been seriously hurt by her own mother, this Lioness was taken to
the Westbeaus Hidden Valley Ranch in California and there she joined the menagerie of other animals including Horses, cattle, and Chickens.
Curious Peacocks lined the housetop, Kittens peered through a picket fence, and two Terriers danced with joy for the new addition to the household.
Drinking bottles of warm milk,
Little Tyke began the long road to recovery".
Right since then, the Lioness called Little Tyke became a symbol of peace,
religious concepts and even a spiritually elevated way of life.
Besides of represent with her best of friends Becky,
the Lamb, the Isaiah’s prophecy of 'The Lion lying with the Lamb', this Lioness not only lived more than four years without eating a single piece of meat:
she absolutely refused to accept it.
And she was not alone… Another Lioness
did the same in India twenty years before, and yet another in a country apparently much less filled of mysticism: Italy.
At least one Dog spent her life eating only vegetables, and in a Confucius fraternity, a Tiger was given the same food that Goats and some birds would eat, and with which he thrived.
... Así, todos estos seres vinieron a hablarnos, a su modo, de un mundo que sólo teníamos en la memoria y en la imaginación.