viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

"Christmas For Everyone"

No matter if it’s a place of mysteries...

Or full of history.

No matter if the people there
have science above all…

Or loves to live in contact with nature.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a desert…

Or a very cold place.

And it’s not important
if someone lives in Hawaii…

Or belongs to a secret society.

Because… Christmas comes
to everyone in this World!

domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013

Little Tyke And How I See Her

The Lioness Little Tyke (below this text), just as I always thought she was after her beautiful spirit left her body. Supposing that she remained in Heaven since her passing out, even then Little Tyke must've been working for the World enlightenment.
If instead that Lioness returned reincarnated with any shape -or the same she had in her other life-, well... It was up to us the job of identifying her. But maybe we still have the chance.
Kamunyak, Lea of Naples, the Tigers of Thailand or any other vegetarian by own will... It's with them, that we should see if the miraculous Tyke came again to us.
In the picture, anyway, she's shown as a great Spirit full of sanctity, with the palm of her hand sending blessings to our Earth while her light reaches the other planets of our system.

With this, however, it depends on how much we're ready to accept they're real, because many would laugh at such idea.
And now that I mentioned this, I must add that the common reaction of disbelief is going blindly against the main -and new- Commandment of these days: Believe in what you see no matter how fake it may seem, if it's about Creatures normally belonging to the Kingdom of legends.

For we must be living at last in times of big Revelations (does this word sound familiar to you?), and given so great an easy access to evidences or information, what would be the use of all that knowledge if we closed our minds?

Well, returning now to Little Tyke, I can't stop seeing that Lioness -through all her life with the Westbeaus-, in other way that as a Saint... By own right and since she was newborn.

(Edited today, so that you could see better the picture).

martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Pequeñas almas que pudieron volver

Según el libro "Poderes secretos de los Animales", hay gran cantidad de historias y relatos sobre todo tipo de Animales con facultades psíquicas; algunos de ellos incluso se aparecen después de muertos, a las personas que los recibieron en sus hogares.
Extrañamente, entonces, aparecen en este medio muy pocos casos registrados, sea en imágenes o en vídeo.

El caso es que hasta hace poco tuve la bienhechora y feliz compañía de una Perrita; mediana, de pelo semi-largo color marrón claro, cariñosa a más no poder y -debo decirlo- tan hermosa como sugería su nombre, Beauty.
Pero tuve que llevarla con otro miembro de la familia a que fuera sacrificada, por causa de una enfermedad que la dejó casi completamente paralizada.
Ahora, el cuerpo de Beauty es parte de la tierra, naciendo así -seguramente-, de nuevo en el mundo espiritual.

De ahí en adelante, se supone que cada alma es libre y no está obligada por eso mismo, a responder ante el pesaroso recuerdo de aquellos a quienes acompañaron en vida. Pero por supuesto -aunque esa misma noche pude soñar con ella-, me gustaría ver su etérea forma descansando en alguno de sus lugares favoritos, por lo menos una vez. Sería una presencia inofensiva, y yo podría saber de algún modo si está feliz en su nuevo estado.

En otras palabras, tan colmada de luz como la que se ve en esta imagen...

Encontrada en:

Esto es lo que también quería dejar, pero terminé de escribirlo recién ahora,
para que me quedara como el mejor homenaje por todo lo que ella fue en los pocos meses que pudo vivir.

Los versos en general van exactamente con esta muy apropiada canción:

Lament for Beauty

The days keep passing by, but she remains
In every corner of this house…
Her house, her world, her place,
Where she came to my life,
but too soon loosing hers
With all the love she left behind,
and the softness of her face.
Don’t forget how was your garden,
the games you always played,
Or the places of your liking
we used to enjoy each day.
Dear Beauty, now you surely know
How bad I feel ’cause I had to let you go.
And an angel had to fly
in that altar of goodbye…
Since then, the days seem cold as ice,
And almost as dark
as the night that took your life
To a place beyond my hands…
In a K9 Paradise.
Please, Beauty, please forgive me…
Would you please forgive me?
…I didn’t mean no harm.
She taught me all her ways
And then she left saying
‘don’t love so much
If you don’t want
to fill your heart with tears
When it’s my time to go…
Even though I hardly walk,
Even when I’m crawling on the floor
And my arms can’t reach the place
Where my legs will never get’.
And now she owns the light
that appears when days are born,
While the memory of her face
still struggles to survive.
But Heaven is a place
where the souls are always free
And so I hope to see her walk
again, some day, with me…

martes, 9 de julio de 2013

Feral Children of Many Times

When Animals Come To Save Our Young

We saw many pictures of women nursing newborn or orphaned animals. We know about feral children... But, how much?
These are the stories that I found up to this day to make my new entry.

Bears: Atalanta, Ancient Greece. Paris, on the slopes of Mount Ida.
A boy in Lithuania, 1661. Orson, in Middle Age in France. Another boy also in Lithuania, in 1694.
A third in Poland. Five-year-old Goranka Cuculic in Yugoslavia, in 1971.
A 16-month-old toddler in Iran, October 2001, Joseph, Denmark, 17th century.
Other Lithuanian Bear-Children were captured in 1661 and 1694. A girl in 1767 in lower Hungary. A girl in a forest in Jalpaiguri in 1892.
Goongi, a 14-year-old Wild Girl in the jungle near Naini Lal, Uttar Pradesh, in July 1914. A girl in Turkey, who lived with Bears for many years.

Cows: Rahul (Boy) in India, November 2002. The Bamberg Boy in Deutschland, 1680.

Dogs: Kunu Masela, six, round the Kenyan town of Machakos, between 1977 and 1983. An 11-year-old boy called Alex Rivas in a cave near the southern Chilean port of Talcahuano (2001).
Traian Caldarar in the Brasov region of Transylvania, Romania, in early February 2002. Oxana Malaya in Ukraine, 1991. Andrei Tolstyk in Siberia, 2004.
Other Children nurtured by Dogs in the Philippines (1982), Germany (1988), Oklahoma (1989), England (1992), Hungary (1994), Romania (1994), Italy (1994) and Retova, west of Moscow.

Gazelles: Gazelle Boy, found in 1960 in Spanish Sahara. A Wild Boy caught in the desert straddling Transjordan, Syria and Iraq, 1946. Gazelle Child in Mauritania.

Goats: Aegisthus, Greece. A child for eight years in the Peruvian Andes in 1990.

Jackals: A girl was found with them.

But the most interesting cases -for my and for my entry-, are these. They come to tell us how the fiercest creatures can have compassion to us instead of easily share the body among their own family members. The picture at the end of my entry is based in a porcelain piece from the Arabic art in Spain, sold by "El Buen Retiro",

Nursed by big Cats: A prince in the country of Chu -8th century B. C.- married a princess of Yun. A son was born to them and was named Tou Po-Pi. The father died and the widow returned to Yun, where Tou Po-Pi, in his youth, had an intrigue with a princess who bore him a son. The grandmother ordered the infant to be carried away and deserted in a marsh, but a Tigress came to suckle the child.
Naga Baba in India, breastfed by a Tigress.,844766&dq=nursed+by+tigress&hl=en
A girl in South Africa -November 1921-, found by two bushmen at the Crocodile river's bank, being suckled with two cubs by a Lioness.,311376
The ancient Turko-Mongol ancestor Alp Kara Aslan (Heroic Black Lion) was suckled by a Lioness.
Maeon (also Meion), king of Lydia and Phyrgia. He and his wife Dindyme are the possible parents of Cybele. He had his daughter exposed at Mount Cybelus, but she was suckled by Leopards and Lions.
Two children associated with Lions. The 1st Leopard Child (...). The 2nd Leopard Child.
Indian Panther child (1920). Leopard boy of Dihungi (India, 1915). The boy was stolen from his parents by a Leopardess in the North Cachar Hills near Assam in about 1912, and three years later recovered and identified.
A Tiger child found in India. A wild girl aged about two found in a forest south of Jhansi in north central India in 1986, nursed by a Panther.

Monkeys / Apes: Tissa from Sri Lanka, 1973. Burundi Monkey Boy, 1973. Robert of Uganda, 1982. John Ssebunya of Uganda, 1991. Casamance Boy in Guinea-Bissau, 1930.
Bello of Nigeria, 1996, adopted by Chimpanzees. A Monkey Girl mentioned by Sir. R. G. Burton.
Lucas, Baboon Child in South Africa (maybe Saturday Mifune). Ape Child of Teheran in 1961. Baby Hospital in Sierra Leone in 1984.

Ostriches: Sidi Mohamed in 1945, in North Africa.

Sheep: Irish Sheep-Boy in 1672. Sheep-Boy -for four years- near Trikkala in Greece in 1891.

Sows: Pig Children. Swine Girl in Salzburg, 1830.
Others in Germany, and in Overdyke, Holland. In 1984, a girl in Liaoning province. Clemens, in Overdyke.

Wolves: At least 21 cases; fourteen Wolf-Children were found in India between 1841 and 1895. Misha Defonseca, a Jewish orphan, for 4 years. A twelve year old boy in Wetteraw, 1544.
Ardenne Wolf Boy in France, c1500. Wolf Girl who roamed the banks of the Devil’s River near Del Rio in south-west Texas, seen for the 1st time in 1845. Marcos Pantoja, Sierra Morena.
Wolf Boy of Hesse in 1544, for 4 years. Wolf Child of Kronstadt. Another Wolf Boy in Lucknow.
Kamala and Amala, India. Ramu the Wolf Boy. Dina Sanichar, found in Bulandshahr, in 1867.
Pascal, India, forest of Musafirkhana, 1972. Wolf Boy from Shahjehanjur. Wolf Boy -Djuma- in 1962, aged about seven in a desert region of Turkmenistan.
Elmira Godayatova, aged 6, in Azerbaijan, 1970. Another Azerbaijani girl, Mekhriban Ibragimov, 1978.

There are many more stories, of course, but they're mentioned only as "the Wild Boy of (name of city or region)" or "the Stuttgart -for example- child". And in many cases they tell only about isolated children in rooms like Genie, the girl from USA.

All this feral boys and girls were rescued... However, with very little or no success at all. Had they stayed in their environment, at least they would have survived with their own natural weapons and skills, just like some modern naturalists try to do when making a wild life documentary.

One question to consider is, that in the case of being doomed to live alone in a jungle, the best chances are to be adopted by Wolves, Bears or big Cats... Predators, in other words, who know how to deffend themselves.
The second, that it was much better for them to have been adopted by wild animals than being locked in a room for months or years.

Here, a hunter is afraid of this wild animal,
but the Leopardess is feeding an infant in his crib.

sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

Many signs of me; and maybe for others

I'm so sorry for the very long delay,
caused by a much longer problem of time.
Now I return with something I actually made many years ago,
but a little modified with Paint, as you all will see.

At least in this case, the picture has symbols
related to what I am; many of them well known.
On the other hand you can find the symbols of the Infinite,
a sword representing strenght
as much as elevation without
loosing contact with the things of Earth,
"to Know, to Dare for, to Want, to be Silent",
the two related to the Moon, then the white pentagram,
a representation of the fearsome twelfth planet,
the black shape of a Dog (my birth hour
for the oriental horoscope), three numbers
(2 hours of my Chinese sign and the 5
for Taurus), the 6 for the Snake,
the element of my chinese sign in the tree,
the scale for Libra,
and a special symbol of connection.

Having the correct elements,
I'd also like to make the same picture for others.