jueves, 14 de junio de 2007

In the land of Pilkingturp

Mientras tengo listo el relato de mis tres viajes a Capilla del Monte, estoy mandando esto que pude escribir, para que haya algo divertido entretanto.

Long, long time ago, it's said,
that there lived a Dog called Slurp
who'd always bath everyone
in a land called Pilkingturp.

Whenever a traveler came
across dust and mud and rain,
everyone would go for Slurp...
He could wash away all stains.

One day a great King arrived
to the land called Pilkingturp,
and he brought his careless child
for he knew the fame of Slurp.

The Princess didn't want a bath
with such a long and wet tongue,
so the King burst out in wrath,
and the Dog could start his job.

It was said for many years
how long did it take to Slurp
for that girl to be well clean,
in the land of Pilkingturp.

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