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"En qué mundo vivís? (2)"

Segunda serie de sugerencias en las cuales buscar alguna respuesta.

2002 - Deer Fawn And Tiger Cubs Become Best Pals
Two Tiger cubs born in captivity at a Romanian Zoo have adopted a Deer Fawn as their play partner. Keepers at the Zoo in Craiova say the three animals are always together and become agressive if separated.

They were concerned at first that the Tigers would eat the Deer, but decided to allow them to stay together after keeping a close eye on the trio. Spokesman Ian Cojocaru said: "One day the two Tiger cubs got into the Deer's enclosure and we panicked about what was going to happen. But the Tigers and the Deer were very curious to each other and even started to play".
"When we wanted to separate them we created such an scandal. The Tigers were roaring and the Fawn was beating the cage's gate. We had to allow them stay together".

2003 -Times of India
In a rare case of predator-prey friendship, a Leopard coming to visit a Cow at night, at Antoli village in Waghodia taluka of Vadodara district, has literally become the talk of the town.

According to honorary wildlife warden Rohit Vyas, "The Leopard has been visiting the Cow since October last year at regular intervals". "It was unbelievable, they approached each other and the fearless Cow would lick the Leopard on her head and neck".
The dogs would start barking when the Leopard came to meet the waiting Cow every night between 9.30 p.m. and l0.30p.m.

2004 - Muschi and Mouse - BERLIN (Reuters):
Muschi, a small Cat that formed an unlikely friendship with a half-ton Bear called Mouse in Berlin Zoo, has been reunited with her companion after pining outside the Bear's cage for months. Muschi has been popular with zoo visitors ever since she appeared in the Bear's enclosure three years ago. But the pair were split up last October when the Bear was locked in a cage while her living space was enlarged.
Zoo keepers took pity on the distraught Cat that had taken to roaming around the zoo and sitting outside the cage, and this week allowed her in the cage with the shaggy female Asiatic Black Bear called Maeuschen.
They greeted each other and had a cuddle and now they're happy. Muschi appeared from nowhere in 2000 and they decided to leave them together because they got on so well.
They sunbathed together and shared meals of raw meat, dead mice, fruit and bread.

2006 - Veggie Boards Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan at Zoo
Tondalayo, a 45-year-old Sumatran Orangutan, and T.J., a stray tabby Cat, became an inseparable duo after a zoo employee introduced them late last year.

Stephanie Willard, Education Director at Zoo World in Panama City Beach, said Tondalayo was depressed since losing her mate two years ago. But when the sweet-natured orange Cat wandered into Willard's life, the solution became clear.
"It's an unbelievable match", Willard said. "This has worked out a lot better than I expected it to. She's got brighter eyes now. He's brought a lot of light to her".
Zookeepers named the Cat T.K., short for "Tondalayo's Kitty". They play together, cuddle and sleep together each night. They have been together constantly for more than a month. "He's perked up Tonda more than anything".

2007 - A Wolf and a Donkey have become a tourist attraction in the town of Patok, about 25 miles north of Tirana.
Villagers, families with their children, and local and international media have flocked to Patok to see this very odd couple. The Donkey was originally put into the enclosure so the Wolf could eat him, but the Wolf would have none of the human plan and refused to kill the Donkey. Instead, he went oly to scratch his back.
The two animals have been attached at the hip ever since. "I bought the Wolf four months ago because I thought of creating a zoo... I like animals very much", the owner told reporters.
The Wolf had been caught by a mountaineer in the Northern Alps. The owner says he feeds the Wolf meat but was told that the Wolf needed a live animal to hunt. So the man offered up the little Donkey, thinking that the Wolf would attack him during the night. But the man was wrong.
Instead, the two became companions. They ate their food and drank their water together, and whenever the owner took the Donkey out of the enclosure, the Wolf would become upset. Sadly in the last days of May, the Donkey has been released into a grassy area outside.
Now the poor Wolf sits alone, still in the far corner of the enclosure, while the Donkey lives freely on the other side of the wall.

2007 - A Cat And A Mouse Have Become Unlikely Best Friends In China.
It happened after a man who owned a Cat in Jilin city was given a pet Mouse by a friend six months ago. Chen said: "On first sight of the little Mouse, the Cat was very excited and circled around the cage without stopping". After watching him for several days, Chen felt the Cat was not intimidating the Mouse so he let the Mouse out... And they instantly became friends.

"I would not have expected they could be friends, or be friends so quickly", he said. The City Evening News says the Mouse played with the Cat continually, climbing onto his back and sitting on his head, while Chen was being interviewed.

…Ojalá otros Tigres puedan jugar con un Ciervo, o algún Leopardo esté junto a otra Vaca, o que otro Lobo encuentre un Burro con quien vivir feliz, o que muchos Gatos hallen amistad en Ratas y Ratones; o junto a un Oso.

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