sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

"Two Souls Of Different Ages"

They were born to protect, especially Ginny with her Cats.

This week of August the world remembered them in some way. For they gained their status all by themselves. Now, no matter what some may say or deny, since they lived, they're something that many of us use to see only in people devoted to any religion.

They are real Saints.

Saint Ginny (*) With One Of Her Protected -And Dearest- Cats


(*) - I didn't invented this... Such title actually is in a site about her.

Such name goes for such soul covered in Dog form.


Saint Martyr Of Ancient France


viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

When Dragons Loved Humans... Or Still Love Them? 2

Here The Lady Was Given A Magical Pair Of Wings...
So That Both Can Go Wherever They Wish,
In Complete Happiness And Love, Through The Endless Skies