viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

"Strong Familiar Bonds, From The Beginning"

This video shows a reality beyond all our troubled reality; and also how creatures can be treated like our equals in some parts of the world we all live, we being forced to think so much in the daily dosis of difficulties.

Breast Feeding Puppies - Mondo Magic

But when it happens in our modern cities, it only can bring us back to nature..., back to innocence... Back to Eden. A US Woman Breastfeeds Her Dog January 15, 2009, 10:17 PM Mum Janelle Williams, 27, nursed her Terrier crossbreed back to health with her own breast milk after he fell ill. The puppy, Jack, stopped eating and became weak soon after Janelle bought him in October last year. A vet recommended formula milk, but Jack refused, prompting Janelle to take more drastic action. Janelle, from Nevada, said: "I was producing milk as I was still breastfeeding my two-year-old son Johnny. So I squeezed some breast milk onto my finger and Jack lapped it up". Jack took to Janelle's breast, and now suckles alongside Johnny. She added: "Johnny -who was generous-, pointed at my right breast and said 'puppy titty' and then at my left breast and yelled 'Johnny titty'". The puppy got better after breastfeed with Janelle’s milk. Medically, as long as the dog is healthy and Janelle's nipple is clean, the practice poses no risk. Now they are sharing the same mother but different breast.

Respecting to this unknown mother, who obviously didn't want to show her face, maybe she thought that in the latest years breastfeed any animal wasn't a good thing to do (*).

Another image of the Bishnoi woman with her calf.

Peruvian woman, according to the source in which I found the picture, breastfeeding a lamb.

(*): Don't visit this blog just for these images and the others -similar- that are in a previous entry / No visiten este blog sólo por estas imágenes y las otras -similares- que hay en una entrada anterior).