sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

Many signs of me; and maybe for others

I'm so sorry for the very long delay,
caused by a much longer problem of time.
Now I return with something I actually made many years ago,
but a little modified with Paint, as you all will see.

At least in this case, the picture has symbols
related to what I am; many of them well known.
On the other hand you can find the symbols of the Infinite,
a sword representing strenght
as much as elevation without
loosing contact with the things of Earth,
"to Know, to Dare for, to Want, to be Silent",
the two related to the Moon, then the white pentagram,
a representation of the fearsome twelfth planet,
the black shape of a Dog (my birth hour
for the oriental horoscope), three numbers
(2 hours of my Chinese sign and the 5
for Taurus), the 6 for the Snake,
the element of my chinese sign in the tree,
the scale for Libra,
and a special symbol of connection.

Having the correct elements,
I'd also like to make the same picture for others.