martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Fictional Interspecies Couples (1st Class).

Not knowing exactly what to bring here two or three days ago,
I finally had a good idea (or at least I hope so);
because surely there had to be an entry dedicated to this:
The best Fictional Interspecies Couples...
Some of them with their real life counterparts.

Updated again, with three new pictures;
which is very good, to make grow this entry.

"Luna in love"
-For the first, and last, time in her whole life-

-Killifost - Deviantart-

-Naomiwolf14, Photobucket-



-themorningmuse (both)-


-Melman And Gloria the Hippo-

-The Dragon And Her Twin Soul-

-Heaven&Sky, Deviantart-

-Cartoon Pics-

...And, one that I wanted to do, based on this very cute Interspecies Fictional Couple.

...And I was forgetting also the most important matter in this entry:
All the pictures go perfectly well for this Valentine's Day!!!

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