lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

"The Tragedy of a Hunter"

" remember the old good times, before the Fifties, I guess; those years my Retriever and I used to go every morning near the lake where we would always find three or four nice Ducks
and return with them to the cabin, where they would be soon a tasty meal (well, just one or two) because actually the others didn't look very good.

But what happened to all the Dogs, who always wanted to grab the prey quickly and run back to us, to leave the dead Duck in front of us and sometimes receiving something as reward?
Now they started to do a disaster with the hunting pride, evidently forgetting the normal behaviour of a good Retriever, or a Pointer.
How can they go with them so friendly?


How can they kill my profession just like that?

And how? ...HOW, can any Dog do this with Ducks???
With what I saw here, I must say regretfully... End of me and my job.

Apart from the tragic story, of course, all the Dogs here
did what they had to do.

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