viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Kamunyak, con sus Terneritas 5ta y 7ma.

Entre el 8 y el 9 de Octubre (2002), la Leona de Samburu intentó por 6ta y 7ma vez ser madre de dos Antílopes: Oryx e Impala, en este caso. Aquí va entonces este segundo y doble homenaje.

Five stars for you
now shine there in the dark skies...
A crown of blessings
that only you
can enlarge with a new gem.

Come, Naisimari,
I'll take you through the bushes,
until the Sun light
fade out behind
the Hills that live from old days.

The Herds are moving,
and yet you walk beside me...
Mother and daughter
under the face
of a smiling and bright Moon.

Again at sunrise,
my girl is sleeping calmly,
and in the meanwhile,
I watch her dream
with golden eyes of honey.

My merry daughter,
my biggest living treasure...
If I could give you
my gift of milk,
you'd always be my baby.

Go, sweet Kamunyak,
the Herds are moving, join them!
A Guiding Spirit
and Antelopes
enjoying one another.

The breeding season
will bring again new babies
for your loving eyes
to find again
a treasure warm and tender.

Antelopes browsing
and Lioness protecting
their Calves among them...
Her one true place,
her only big desire.

Mother of the Herds,
your love is growing stronger...
Some day you will be
part of them all
in body and soul for ever.

Go now, Saint Blessed,
surely they're waiting for you...
The day you get there,
your Calves will dance
in circles all around you.

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