viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Kamunyak, con sus Terneritas 1ra y 3ra

En Diciembre del 2002, la Leona que más tarde fue llamada Kamunyak-Maa comenzó a asombrar a todo el mundo con su devoción hacia los Oryx recién nacidos. Este es mi primer doble homenaje:

When the Sun
looking down the valleys
was subduing
every soul and body...
She was hunting
some kind of dream
inside her,
some kind of memory
that only her
could bring back for the living.

Her eyes she turned
from the burning breath;
her heart there found
a fragile, lonely creature...
With little steps,
the Oryx was
beside her,
and then the Lioness
her mission for that evening.

Both of them were
two souls in solitude,
being left behind,
finding each other...
They walked then
in a world made by themselves,
and no one else would enter
to make them being not
side by side and sleeping.

But some sad day,
the Nature that was jealous
reclaimed her child,
the little baby Oryx...
So she kept hidden
with mother tears
inside her,
to herself swearing
never again
with Lions have a meeting.

Now the Lioness
knows better what she wants,
as the Oryx Herds
browse by the hills foot...
She only watches
feeling a sea of fondness,
and walking near them,
she remembers
in each, her baby missing.

Now the Lioness heart
came from the night
inside her,
a month of empty evenings,
to wake on Easter
and turn her into mother
again, for the third Oryx.

Someone loves you more,
someone needs you more,
my baby,
and you're so little...
Let me be the one
to be with you the whole day,
and rest by me at nap time.

The jealous Nature
wojn't take you now
from me, babe...
Just stay quiet and watching.
Mom will face both Pride and jaws,
mom will break them teeth and claws,
so that they pay for my Calf.

The fight was over
with unexpected
opportune help
at her most hopeless moment...
Then she turned slowly
her back on the past danger,
to join once more her Calf girl.

What kind of fondness
they'll have enjoyed
together again
sharing their love in secret?
Only the fight is to remember...
Angels mostly stay unseen,
making Heaven's job around us.

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