viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

My Special Saint Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day...
And for some, the perfect moment
to show the glory of their love.
In complete and true liberty.

"I feel like holding my own heart"
(Romeo and Giulietta, the Rat)

"I love it!!! Thanks, sweetheart!"

"Can you leave us alone for an hour or two?"
(Stamp and Fredda, the Cat)

"My little heart goes now like a wild Horse"
(Annie and Tigger)

"I'm not by your side... I am by your heart"
(Negra and Pancho, the Cat)

"Please let me be your wife"
(Lady and Boo Boo the Cat)

"Don't be so sad, I will stay here"

"You made me find peace..."
"...You did the same for me"
(Geraldine and Rex, the Dog)

"He's my gallant Bear... I am his happy girl"

"Our love can go against the most cruel rules"

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