lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

"Arashi No Yoru Ni" - Some artists

Images from one of my favorite japanese movies,
the pictures made by different artists;
representing the same innocent,
strong, and honest relationship
between two very different souls.

"Are You Over There...? Gabu...?"
eronine - deviantart

"I'm Always Close To You!"
kinah - digital dreams

"True Smiles Come From True Friends"
chibi9 - digital dreams

"I Know, I'm Just Enjoying This Moment"
edgar corona - digital dreams

"Stay Here, Baby Mei..."
insomniacawake - digital dreams

"In The Calm Of Our Shelter"
glad_sad - deviantart

"Sharing The End Of The Winter"
Reverse Alchemist - digital dreams

"Don't Worry, Little Mei"
jerome jacinto - deviantart

"A Big, Perfect Family"
thecheesecracker - deviantart

(Gabu and Mei just found that green forest;
now other evicted Wolves and Goats joined them there)

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