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"In Memory Of Thelma, The Cat" - Past & Future

To Nurse Mice And Rats Was Always Our Job
...But We Always Did It With Love,
And Of Course We'll Keep Doing It.

Updated again!!! - 19 / 9 / 2014

(Link to the other entry):


English Mouse suckled by a Cat in 1916

EUCALOL: Card #1 from Series 235 (Believe it or Not)


 (Year unknown, I chose the 50's...)


Cat Nurses Two Rats (Maybe More):


Mother of many Mice…
About 100 years ago


1959 - Greenville, South Carolina.
Cat Mother Nursing Baby Mice And Kittens





Canadian Press - July 15, 2003 - 05:15 PM

CRANBROOK, Canada - A family awoke Tuesday to find their Cat nursing two Mice along with her seven week-old Kittens.

Irene Weller said one of her daughters found some baby Mice in their home the day before.

"I didn't want Mice in the house". Weller said. So the baby rodents were promptly thrown outside.

But on Tuesday morning, the Wellers saw their Cat Patches nursing and caring for the Mice as if they were part of her litter. She's actually feeding the Mice.

Patches was upset they weren't in the bed. All she wanted to do was lick them.
"When we put them back in the bed Patches calmed right down".

A picture of Patches Weller,
With her Mice


(Squirrel, with one of her Rats, 2003)


(Kitty and her other children, 2003)

As she had her Kittens, in the same house a mother Rat had her babies.
Suddenly the baby Rats ran to Kitty and the Cat accepted them full of happiness...
But, what about the Kittens?

"Well... Given the circumstances, I found
these Sweety-Baby-Kitties to nurse
as my own children"
(The truth of this, at the end of the entry)


(Maybe, the Cat from Via Cagliari…)


2006-06-04 - 13:45:41 - China Daily
Two baby Mice rest near a Cat's head as she feeds her new litter on a farm in Dongfeng County, northeast China's Liaoning Province. The owner says she gave the Mice to the Cat to eat, but the feline soon adopted them…
…And of course, to feed them as their mother.


August, 2006 - Cat breastfeeds Hungry Rat - In Brazil


Another mother, with her ten baby Rats


A mother in a shelter, few years ago

“Mom, tell them I also need milk!”

(Another Cat feeding her Mouse; Flickr, around 2007)


The Cat of Yantai, 2008


Jilin - China

With this very recent photo, one would say with 90% security, that the Cat has been nursing the Mouse


And the Cat Meeko, with her nine baby Mice, 2009
(Meeko could be actually a Tomcat, if it were not because "he" would hardly allow the little Mice to cuddle like that...)


10 October, 2010

A Cat Feeding A Small Rat in Sivasagar. My birthday present!!! - (It's October 11)

Oh, how I was waiting this... And the video appeared right in my birthday. It also must have come in the most right moment, with some threats which may come from the countries between middle East and China. This must have been the year of all those real Cats (with all the stories I found), from past, present, and of course, a future of nursing many more Rats and Mice!



Page 17

"Arch-enemies form unlikely bond - Fans of cartoon nemesis Tom and Jerry have reason to be outraged over the show's factual authenticity in Thailand, Cats and rodents apparently form quite different partnerships. In Samut Prakan Province's Pra Pradaeng District, the neighbors of Sompong Koocharoen were puzzled to see a two-year-old female Cat breastfeeding a small baby Rat along with one of her own new-born Kittens.

Mrs Sompong said her Cat had just delivered three Kittens on March 1, but two of them had been separated from their mother and adopted by a friend. She said that a week after the Kittens were separated, the mother returned home with a young baby Rat -its body still red and hairless-and put it beside her Kitten.
"I thought she would give food only for her baby, but she let the Rat drink her milk along with her Kitten", Mrs. Sompong said. The unlikely family have become a neighborhood sensation, with community members inundating the household with photo requests.

Story from Matichon


My Kitten and them

Red Bubble, John44 (2011, I guess).

2012 - Xinhua Net
A Cat mother and her ow Kittens adopted a tiny little Mouse into their family.
The Cat nurses the little critter from another species like her own. The Kitten loves its new sibling and they all get along beautifully.



Another Mother In Her Right Place…



Taken from a video where another Cat is doing her real job.


In China yet again! Chinese mother Cats know what they were born for.

Image of Tantu, from Zonguldak, with one of her babies;
the favorite of her, it seems.


...And of course, somebody had
to give back all that love!

Nothing crazy here! ...See this:

No, wait... Did I say somebody? ...Meaning only one?

Second wonder - I guess that what you'll read here is exactly what the original note said.
In case you want to see it, here's the link:

10 June 1892
Here is a Cat that didn't kill the Rat that ate the malt.
Dr. F. Evwist of St. Mary's, Ohio, found in his barn a few days ago a large Rat nursing three Kittens. When the mother Cat returned she relieved the Rat, which went to sleep in the hay. Next day the Doctor and some friends saw the Cat go up to a large rat-hole meowing several times, whereupon the Rat came forth and took its place among the Kittens.

Third wonder

The Singapore Free Press, 9 March 1950, Page 8
Rat adopts Kittens
From the communist stronghold of Pyinmana, Central Burma, comes a report of a white Rat adopting two Kittens and sharing mealtime duties with the mother Cat. This strange family lives harmoniously in the shell-damaged railway station.

Fourth wonder

Masson & McCarthy (1995) tell in one of their books about a Rat suckling a Cat and a Chick.
Pleeeease, I want to see this story, soon...

Fifth wonder... (If I can find more of these stories, maybe it'll be time to make a new entry)

This video is like one of my dreams come true...  I only wish I had seen the mother Rat nursing them, such as shows the description:

07/05/2012 - Leanne Jones
My Rat Artamis helped me out by helping to care for two orphaned Kittens. She would go in and out of the box and groom and stimulate the Kittens. She laid on her side and let them suckle on her nipples to calm them and help them sleep. When they were smaller she would carry them around by their scruffs and move them around the box. Very sweet, unfortunately my Cats now like to chew on random things and climb into small spaces like the Rat. They also sleep on their backs with their feet up because of how the Rat would lay to keep them warm and comfort them.
RIP Artie.

But I'm much more than happy of having found this beautiful video!!!

Well, and the future?

It may come anywhere, anytime,
But if I can do something, it will come soon
And be like a dream come true.
At least for me, at first;
The world will have to wait.

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