martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

"Dos Cosas Escritas Y Una Imagen"

Estas dos cosas las escribí -o las publiqué- hace dos años; aohra las traigo de nuevo, pero con la imagen correspondiente (más abajo).

My Best New Found Dream

When the Sun
covering the valleys
looks down on us
while you take me in your arms...
I fly with you
smiling and protected,
as your open wings
cut through the dawn
close to a Sun of dreaming.

You turn to look
again, my golden eyes;
words coming out
through them, say that they need you...
and of how much
my soul is being cradled
even with a single
smile in your eyes
so tender and caressing.

We've been for years
two hearts beating with sorrows,
wasting all the love
they had for one another...
I go with you now
in a never ending tale,
where I feel also cradled,
my everywhere love,
in this beautiful morning.

This newborn day
is perfect since you're with me,
kissing my lips
as your golden hair glitters...
Treasure of sweetness
of our daily honey moons,
before your eyes,
a star is just
a pale ghost in the evening.

Oh, my sweet love,
my for ever white Dragon,
to fly with you
is now my best new found dream...
Since we found something
much stronger than we are,
our sweet encounter
started for us
a love story in the making.

Happiness Of Angels

If I could turn
In words my little heartbeats,
They would say just
My love, my love, my love!
The only words which would go
Like Butterflies to your heart.
The only conversation
Which yours can have with mine.

When you're not here,
I think I miss the Springtime,
And the Sun light
That brings hope in the dawning.
The same light bright in softness
That makes me smile as I watch,
And then enters my spirit
Sowing flowers of sweetness.

If you're with me,
All I know turns to nothing...
My only strength
Is to love, need and have you.
The only power in me,
Is given by the soft touch
Of your silky loving hands
Which mine need to feel so much.

When you're not here,
I feel myself like drowning
With all this land
And everything above it
Now that I take you higher,
Both ground and skies are nothing...
Just your life here in my arms,
And your tenderness smiling.

Our flight, my love,
Is like and endless feeling
Of clear blue skies,
And happiness of Angels.
The winds which now are blowing
Just sing with us the same song...
Of stars shining inside us,
And souls blended like fire.

Hay una versión mejor de esta imagen en otro lado, pero si puedo la traigo otro día.

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