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Mundo o Paraíso - 2

Segunda Serie De Imágenes Y Notas De Un Mundo Que No Acostumbramos Ver...

-Recordatorio: Ninguna de estas imágenes debe ser considerada más que como una muestra de la simpleza en relación a otras Criaturas necesitadas de vivir-.

“There was a lady that had a Cat on board under her seat. The Cat was meowing and generally not happy. The lady had taken the Cat and was holding it. When the attendant noticed, she went to the lady and told her that the pet had to be in the carrier ; then she noted that the lady was breastfeeding the Cat. ‘It calms the Cat down’, she explained”.

Abohar, May 21 - 2007. - Mrs Vijay Luxmi Sahu of Narainpura village has saved a female Fawn by breastfeeding her. She had gone to meet her parents at Dhaani Jodkian, near Kainchian village, in Sriganganagar district earlier this month. Her husband, Mr Vijay Pal Sahu, accompanied her. One day, when their Dog did not return home till late evening, they went to the fields. To their surprise, the Dog was sitting beside a newly born Fawn. People said a Deer had given birth to two Fawns. As stray Dogs chased the Deer, she escaped, leaving behind a Fawn. The couple said they brought the Fawn to their home. They tried to give her Cow milk, but in vain. Mrs. Sahu, who had a seven-month-old son had heard that a resident of Nadhoki village in Hisar district had saved the life of a Fawn by breastfeeding it. She breastfed the Fawn for five days after which she started accepting Cow milk. The Sahu family now treats the Fawn like a member of the family.

YANGON ( Reuters ) - Hla Htay has three hungry infants to feed these days… A seven-month old baby boy and two Bengal Tiger cubs. Three times a day, the Myanmar housewife goes to the Yangon Zoo where she breastfeeds the hungry black-striped, orange-brown cubs rejected by their natural mother. “The cubs are just like my babies”, Hla Htay told Fuji TV as one of the baby big Cats suckled her breast. “It’s not scary at all”, she said of the 45-minute feeds. “I needed to do something for the cubs because I felt really sorry for them”. Three cubs were born at the zoo in mid-March, but their mother killed one and refused to nurse the others. Veterinarians rescued the other two but had little success bottle feeding them. “They had some difficulties sucking the nipple on the bottle. When we tried to get the cubs to suck a lady’s breast, it was alright”, said a veterinarian. The zoo says the breastfeeding will stop by the end of April or when the cubs start teething …Whichever comes first.

"If Your Brothers Were Still Here..."

"A Cheyenne woman lost a small child that was nursing. Soon after her child died she had found a nest of young Kitten Panthers, she waited until the mother Panther was away to hunt food, then she went and took one of the young Panthers out of the nest and ran off with it and the young Panther gave a moan or whine which sounded like the cry of the baby she had lost and the reminder of her dead babe caused the woman to hug the Kitten Panther to her breast and when she did so the Kitten Panther which no doubt was hungry began nursing from the woman. Thus it was taking the place of her dead babe and an affection for the Kitten Panther sprang into her heart and the woman loved this Kitten Panther and she raised it as if it had been her own child, and as it grew up it would kill Deer and other large game and furnished food for the Cheyenne much easier than they could get it in any other way. So other women got hold of young Panthers and raised them the same way as this woman had done".
A Bolivian woman has saved an abandoned one-week-old puppy by breastfeeding it. She found the Dog in a rubbish dump in the town of Cochabamba, reports the “Los Tiempos” newspaper. The woman, who has a 14-month-old daughter, is calling the puppy Manchitas. She said : “I will give the Dog my milk until I can. When it drinks, the puppy behaves like a human baby, no difference at all. I think it’s pretty natural”. Story filed : 09:57 - Tuesday 25th February 2003

Zhouzhi, China. The wife of an animal refuge worker is credited with saving the life of an infant Golden Monkey by breastfeeding it after the mother turned away, reports the China Daily Newspaper.
The rare Monkey, one of a few still existing in China, might have died of an infection withoutnourishment from mother’s milk.

A few years ago my wife and I rescued a Joey whose mother had been killed by a car. The Joey was cold and obviously on the way out, so we wrapped him up and tried to give him something to eat to give him some strength. Nothing seemed to work, then he saw my wife breastfeeding our newborn daughter. When my wife saw the little Kangaroo’s interest, she picked him up and put him on the other breast. The Joey suckled happily until his belly was full and he slipped off to sleep. This went on for a couple of days, until some Wildlife rescue people came to collect the Joey. By that time, he was fit and healthy and full of beans”.

“There was an odd girl in my high school who claimed to have breastfed a kitten, but I always figured she was trying to get attention. I still think I’m right”. “I’ve seen photos of young women in the Andes breastfeeding lambs and kids. One anthropology book says that this is sometimes done when a young animal is orphaned”.

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