lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

Pequeño Himno y Fotos Alusivas

At Last United
So What Has Made Our People,
From Days Forgotten,
To Fear And Chase Each Other?
And Why Did We Have To Hunt You,
If We Could Love You So Much?

The Time Had To Come For Us
In Which Cats, And Mice, And Rats,
Could At Last Unite Their Lives,
With All The Love Each One Has,
And Everyone Living Free.

For Now We Can't Stand More Chains
Than Those Of Heart, Soul And Milk...
When Your Newborns Need A Mother,
A Mother Cat There Will Be
With Mice And Rats To Breastfeed.

Even Names Shall Be In The Past...
No Cat Will Hunt Rats And Mice.
We Just Want Them All Alive,
By Mothers Breastfeeding Babes,
And Brothers Sharing Their Meals.

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