domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013

Little Tyke And How I See Her

The Lioness Little Tyke (below this text), just as I always thought she was after her beautiful spirit left her body. Supposing that she remained in Heaven since her passing out, even then Little Tyke must've been working for the World enlightenment.
If instead that Lioness returned reincarnated with any shape -or the same she had in her other life-, well... It was up to us the job of identifying her. But maybe we still have the chance.
Kamunyak, Lea of Naples, the Tigers of Thailand or any other vegetarian by own will... It's with them, that we should see if the miraculous Tyke came again to us.
In the picture, anyway, she's shown as a great Spirit full of sanctity, with the palm of her hand sending blessings to our Earth while her light reaches the other planets of our system.

With this, however, it depends on how much we're ready to accept they're real, because many would laugh at such idea.
And now that I mentioned this, I must add that the common reaction of disbelief is going blindly against the main -and new- Commandment of these days: Believe in what you see no matter how fake it may seem, if it's about Creatures normally belonging to the Kingdom of legends.

For we must be living at last in times of big Revelations (does this word sound familiar to you?), and given so great an easy access to evidences or information, what would be the use of all that knowledge if we closed our minds?

Well, returning now to Little Tyke, I can't stop seeing that Lioness -through all her life with the Westbeaus-, in other way that as a Saint... By own right and since she was newborn.

(Edited today, so that you could see better the picture).

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