viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Always St. Valentine, For Many Little Souls

Last Monday the world celebrated St. Valentine. The following case took place in 2006, but there were many more couples like them, and there will be; for to them, every day can be St. Valentine.

A German Donkey is making an ass out of herself after falling in love with a Gander.
The farm where the unlikely couple live, in the Saxon town of Cottbus, has been besieged by journalists and curious visitors since the affair featured in local newspaper, the Lausitzer Rundschau.
The gander, whose name is Hannibal, met Heidi the Donkey when he was put into her enclosure for being too aggressive to be kept with the other birds.
Staff say the couple quickly fell for each other, eating and sleeping together and are now completely inseparable.
The Gander jealously attacks any male Donkeys who go near Heidi. Heidi in turn is not interested in other Donkeys, and follows Hannibal around all day long.

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