martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

"Round Of Faeries"

Round Of Faeries

There, around the elder Oak,
where Nature Spirits used to walk,
Faeries gathered in the Forest
under the midday sunlight.
Round the Tree they danced in circles;
leaving no trace, their feet so little...
A smooth clean breeze played in their hairs
as long and golden as the wheat.

All were dancing an ancient dance...
The Oak watched those moving Swans.
Countless rays of Sun were flowing
through the canopy in flames.
When sudden clouds, then veiled the Sun,
they vanished in the golden light...
But one, who didn't reach the last soft ray,
remained there, lonely and sad, watching the rain.

Another little poem I wrote some years ago. First it was in spanish, then came this better version translated.

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