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"¿En Qué Mundo Vivís?" (4)

"Siempre Quisimos Amamantar
Ratas Y Ratones Recién Nacidos
( Firmado, Nuevamente, Las Gatas )
Y Ahora, Por Fin, Estamos Haciéndolo"

Dongguan, Guangdong - 12 / 10 / 03
Deadly Huntress Mothers Potential Meal

Cats are commonly thought to be every Mouse’s nightmare. But a Dongguan resident surnamed Wang has learned this isn’t always the case, reported Information Times. He’s seen for himself that a Cat can be a rodent’s best friend. Shortly after Wang’s Cat gave birth to three Kittens, Wang caught an infant Mouse to feed the mother to keep up her strength, but he was surprised the next day to find the baby Mouse and Kittens happily playing together… And the mother even let the infant Mouse feed from her milk.


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2006-06-04 - 13:45:41 - China Daily

Two baby Mice rest near a Cat’s head as she feeds her new litter on a farm in Dongfeng County, northeast China’s Liaoning Province. The owner says she gave the Mice to the Cat to eat, but the feline soon adopted them.

April 11, 2007 - Mother Cat In Shijiazhuang...
The Cat was brought into a children’s clothing store to catch Mice, reports Yanzhao City News.
Ten days ago, the Cat gave birth to five Kittens. "She stays in the box all day long, taking care of her babies, but three days ago, my colleague found a small Mouse playing with the Kittens", said a spokesman for the store in Shijiazhuang City.
The Cat brought the Mouse to her residence in the market one day after she gave birth to her Kittens.
"The Cat was protecting the Mouse, and would become alert if anyone came too close".
The store staff threw the Mouse out once, but immediately the Cat -who dotes upon the Mouse as if it were one of her offspring-, showing distress and searching for her baby, ran to bring it back and let it play with her Kittens.


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June 2008
...And A Mother In Yantai

A pet Cat in China has adopted a Rat which she is nursing alongside her four Kittens.
Sun Shujun, of Yantai City, says the Rat has been living with her Cat since the Kittens were born four weeks ago.
81 year old Sun says that a neighbour came to see the Kittens on the day they were born and was amazed to see a Rat suckling alongside them.
“At the beginning, I thought I must have seen wrong. So I took a flashlight and had a clear look”, said the neighbour.
The Rat not only drinks Cat's milk, but also plays with its Kitten brothers and sisters, according to the Qilu Evening Post.
The Cat reportedly treats the Rat exactly the same as her natural Kittens and it has become part of her family.

Sun reckons her maternal instincts must have overwhelmed her predatory instincts to allow her to adopt an animal she would normally see as prey.

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